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Psychotherapy in English

I work in English and in Polish online and face to face in Warsaw, Mokotów.

I work with adult patients suffering from various psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, emotional tension, relationship issues and consequences of traumas (including complex traumas). 

I employ a number of modern techniques that are aimed to effectively help my patients find balance and well-being. My methods include schema therapy, brainspotting, cognitive-behavioural therapy and body focus. 

I am a psychotherapist and scientist. I hold a PhD in happiness studies - I have been researching well-being for more than 15 years. I use my knowledge in the psychotherapeutic process - to help my patients identify their values, aspirations, dreams and strenghts that may help them better cope with life's challenges. 

I also work with people who've experienced "bad trips" caused by psychedelic substances. 

Fee: 300 pln / 50 minutes
400 pln/90 minutes

Feel free to contact me via Whatsapp or email.

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